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Pioneer Con-Serv is a proficiently managed HR Consultancy and Service provider, with its able HR partners it is providing a full range of services across HR domain for major industries. At Pioneer Con-Serv our strategy is simple: Engage the best talent, coupled with undertaking every transaction in an ethical manner and the results will speak for themselves. We believe that building and maintaining strong relationships is an integral part in developing a business and ensuring its long term success. We aim to establish long-term customer relationships based on trust and a commitment to provide best service.

In recent times Pioneer Con-Serv has recognised the growing business challenges for small and medium size organisations who need expert HR Advise and Services to overcome these challenges to remain relevant in the ever increasing competitive world. In order to support these companies Pioneer Con-Serv has incubated an exclusive HR Marketplace (soon to go online) where these companies can engage with leading HR freelancers/professionals who are willing to offer their services to companies on assignment basis.

Pioneer Con-Serv is on a journey to create a win-win platform for organisations and HR professionals to engage with each other for a particular reason or a season to fulfil their instant needs and in this process both (the company and the HR professional) keep enhancing/improving their potential.


To be the most preferred HR group for organisations seeking highly effective ‘Just in Time’ and ‘Just for the Time’ HR services to accomplish special/key HR projects.


To build a long lasting trustworthy partnership between the HR professionals/freelancers and budding organisations to establish and flourish, thereby creating a positive social and economic impact.

Types of HR Services

        Talent Acquisition

  • Workforce Planning
  • Recruitment & Selection Services
  • Interviewing Assistance
  • Reference Check
  • On-Boarding Services

      Talent Engagement

  • Employee Welfare
  • HR Communication

      Talent Development

  • Training and Development
  • Performance Management Services

    Talent Retention

     HR Operations

  • Payroll & Compliance Management
  •  HR Process Automation & Analytics

    Organisational Development

  •  Process Interventions
  • Techno-structural Interventions
  • HR Management Interventions
  • Strategic Change Interventions

The above services can be delivered by Pioneer Con-Serv team and partners directly or; alternatively we can help you identify and appoint HR Freelancers from desired background. These HR freelancers can be engage on assignment basic or on a short-term contract (on our payroll) with no restrictions from Pioneer Con-Serv to absorb HR freelancers as full time employees in case a full time resource requirement arises in the company.